Our certification board is committed to keeping certifications impartial and to maintaining an impeccable reputation throughout the entire process; from the planning of examination questions to the evaluation of exam papers.


Kimmo_100x125Kimmo Kalla
Current job: Kalla Pro: Managing director
Esa_100x125Esa Junttila
Current job: Safe to Play Oy: Managing director
The following are the members of Certification advisory board. They are not employees of Safe to Play Oy.
Janne_100x125Janne Niemelä
Represents consumer safety authority
Current job: TUKES: Head of unit
Seppo_100x125Seppo Närhi
Represents Finnish Association of Landscape Industries
Current job: Secretary-general
Anna-Kaisa KaukolaAnna-Kaisa Kaukola
Represents Association of city gardeners
Current job: Turku city Property Corporation: Responsible builder
Markku_100x125Markku Viitanen
Represents association of Green- and environment-builders (VYRA)
Current job: Helsingin Pihaleikkiväline Oy: Managing director
Siri_100x125Siri Pekuri
Represents educational institute
Current job: Training Coordinator, Continuing Education Unit for Natural Resources, Häme University of Applied Sciences
Pia-Liisa_100x125Pia-Liisa Orrenmaa
Represents building authorities
Current job: Helsinki City Building Control Department: Landscape architect: Landscape and yard permissions
Marja_100Marja Siitonen
Current job: Helsinki construction service STARA: Overseer
Marko_100x125Marko Eskolainen
Current job: Pro Park Palvelut Oy: Managing director
Kaj_100x125Kaj Söderlund
Current job: Oy J-trading Ab: Installations, sales, safety of play equipment
Substituting members
Jaakko LaitinenJaakko Laitinen
Represents consumer safety authority
Current job: TUKES: Product safety engineer
Liisa_100x125Liisa Mikkola
Represents educational institute
Current job: Head of Programme, Natural Resources Career Services, Häme University of Applied Sciences