Safe to Play -application is predominantly an electronic Safe to Play -book with greatly added value:

  • Automatic updates whenever requirements change or the text is otherwise amended. You can always be confident that the important safety related information is up to date!
  • Added content compared to printed book; extra pictures, even animations.
  • Bookmarks and personal notes with backup.
  • Multi-lingual: All languages in one application!
    • Beta testing: English
    • Official publication at early 2019: German, Russian, Chinese, Swedish, Finnish
    • Later: Spanish, Portuguese, French etc…
  • The application will be published to all three platforms, but the beta testing will be on Android only.

30.8.2018: Beta testing of Safe to Play -application has been initiated

Anybody can apply to be tester.

Step 1) Install the application from Google Play (beta testing is available for Android only).

Step 2) Register with e-mail address and password of your choice.

Step 3) Buy reading time or apply for free beta testing.

  • Without purchased or granted reading time the book-portion of the application does not work.
  • Prices (including 24% VAT) are reduced during beta-testing. Purchased reading time will continue over to publication of the full program and even can be transferred to another installation on another platform.
    • 1 day: 4,90€
      • NOW 2,90€
    • 1 week: 9,90€
      • NOW 5,90€
    • 4 weeks: 19,90€
      • NOW 11,90€
    • 1 year: 49,90€
      • NOW 29,90€
    • 3 years: 99,90€
      • NOW 59,90€

To become a beta tester, we expect from you:

  • English language skills. Though the actual application will have several languages, the beta testing version is in English only.
  • Willingness to spend some time using the application and to give feedback with feedback system that is built inside the program.
  • At least some connection to playgrounds and recreational sports area -business.

Feel free to apply. Your account will have access to Safe to Play -application’s full content within two working days.

Apply for free to test Safe to Play -application’s beta version!