When you become a Safe to Play partner, you gain access to a large volume of material that is easy to copy and steal. In order to avoid misuse, a partner commits to restrict training seminars only to the Safe to Play brand for the entire duration of the contract plus an additional two years. This is normal in franchise businesses and actually a relative short period of commitment. Its only purpose is to prevent partners from turning into competitors.


Running out of money is the death of any business. As a Safe to Play partner you will receive a good return for your efforts. Some costs will occur from organizing a training before your customers have paid you, hence you must have sufficient funds to start with (approximately 5 000 – 10 000€).


No matter how good the training is, there will only be a few students if your marketing isn’t executed properly. Either you or your partner must have marketing resources.


Even though the training material is thorough, the one conducting the training must be an expert. If you don’t have expert of your own, contact one from your local pool  of experts.


Safe to Play materials are in English only. You may choose to translate the materials into your local language, should you wish. However, certification tests and training updates for certified persons are provided in English only.

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