Participate to webinars here! If you are participating for the first time, open the connection some 15 mins beforehand to solve porential problems such as adjusting your speakers or installing some missing add-in to your browser.

Give follwoing information in the window below.

  • Your name = Your name and certification code (E.g. Esa Junttila, INS 01 0062).
  • E-mail = Your e-mail address which is used to send potential shareables from the webinar.
  • Password = IF the password is required, you received it to the e-mail which you gave when signing in.

After giving your infoarmation you can check that your speakers work properly (there should be music at background. If you are in a room with interfering noise, it’s a good idea to use headphones.

When the webinar begins, open the presentation to full screen mode.Webinaarin näkymän laajennus

If you cannot see broadcasting window above this text, the reason is most likely one of the following:

  • Your browser hasn’t flash-function on or it’s not installed.
  • You are using mac with the Safari browser; activation of flashin may help but if not, use some other browser.