This is the pricelist for Safe to Play products and services together.




  • Level 1 (Operate) 20€
  • Level 2 (Design, Govern/Manage, Project) 55 €
  • Level 3 (Inspect) 95 €
  • Annual fees
    • Operate: 0 €
    • Design, Govern/Manage, Project, Inspect: 85 €
    • Safe to Play app for certified: 39 €


Training material

  • Safe to Play -book 119 €
  • Inspect level self study booklet 30 €
  • Project level self study booklet 30 €


  • Test templates 289 €
  • Consultation per each beginning half an hour
    • First hour 175 € / hour
    • Continuation 95 € / hour



  • The license fee for using Safe to Play material for safety training of playgrounds and recreational sports areas is 12% of the value of the training calculated according to the price list. The use of non-licenced material in any extent is strictly prohibited and leads to a claim according to the price list plus time spent on communication according to the consultancy price list.
  • The inspection form produced by Safe to Play Oy is free of charge for certified inspectors. Other use of the form is 20 € per inspection site where it’s used. It is forbidden to copy the form in its essential parts.
  • Copying the written material for commercial use will be invoiced according to the number of pieces produced, as if the material had been purchased from the site.
  • Safe to Play Oy reserves all rights to the training materials, all written materials and all forms it produces.


What Safe to Play does not do?

Safe to Play is the best in its field as it focuses on developing training and certification scheme. Also, to avoid conflicts of interest with trained and certified, Safe to Play Oy does not make any equipment or layout plans, does not maintain or install equipment or perform inspections of play and exercise areas.



  • Additional Billing Costs:
    • In the event of incorrect or incomplete information given in connection with the order, the re-sent invoice is 30 €.
    • Finding correct billing information 60 € / hour, per starting 15 minutes.
  • All prices are VAT 0% unless otherwise stated. VAT is added to prices when international trade laws require it.

General terms