S2P partnership can include one or more areas from the following: Distribution, Substance, Training and Certification.

SinceParnerCountryLanguagesAreas of partnership
2015Safe to Play OyFinlandFinnish
2017-2018[Camilla Gammals]FinlandSwedishSubstance
2017-2019Play Inspection ComapnyUnited KingdomEnglishSubstance
2018[Franz Danner]GermanyGermanSubstance
2019[Fei Lu]FinlandChineseSubstance
2020Play Inspect SIALatviaLatvianSubstance

Distribution partnership includes selling Safe to Play books and app licences. Both can be personalised to parner’s brand.

Substance partnership includes translating, verifying and maintaining the S2P knowledgebase that is published as Safe to Play book and in the app and is a base for trainigs and certification.

Training partnership includes organising Safe to Play trainings. Main options for this are:

  • Partial partnership: You will organise a training where Safe to Play’s trainer will be a teacher.
  • Full partnership: Safe to Play will train your expert who will be the teacher. After this the partner can organise own trainings using Safe to Play’s materials (Safe to Play textbook, Safe to Play workbooks, training presentations and S2P certification exams).

Certification partnership includes translating the certification questions to your language and giving annual update webinars.

These are some of the benefits you will experience as a Safe to Play partner:

  • Good financial compensation from selling of products and from making, verifying and maintaining of translations which will be published as Safe to Play books and in the Safe to Play app.
  • Opportunity to become known as a top level expert who organizes trainings with the highest accuracy, practicality and graphic quality.
  • Chance to have continuous customers who partook your training and later need annual update training webinars as part of their certification.