Safe to Play training materials are unique in style and in quality. As one of a core members of standardization, Safe to Play has a front seat view for the work in progress and is able to provide regular updates of our materials.

The Safe to Play training scheme is efficient. With one training of seven (7) days, you can invite five categories of people:

  • One day maintenance training for those who instal and maintain equipment and areas.
  • Three-day layout designer training with Design certificate.
  • Three-day area managemant training with Manage certificate.
  • Four-day training for project managers and equipment sllers with Project certificate.
  • Seven-day training for inspactors with Inspect certificate.

A typical Safe to Play partner is a private inspector, equipment manufacturer, organisation who already gives trainings or alike. Often those participating in the trainings are also potential customers. In any case, both your personal and your company’s profile rise as having a top level expertise.

Teaching others is perhaps the most efficient way of learning. Each time you conduct the training, your own expertise level raises.

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