Here you can see news about progress of Safe to Play -trainings. Eventually the whole training will be translated to English whoch will serve as transition platform for other languages.

  • 12th of August 2016: The training structure is complete. 7 days training with detailed structure didn’t come easily but the result is surely worth waiting.
  • 30th of Sep 2016: Safe to Play training materials are updated and the book goes to print!
  • 4th of November 2016: The new Finnish Safe to Play -textbook came from the print. Those with early access to it have commended it’s clear structure and technical accuracy.
  • 3dr of March 2017: Translation partner is Keith Dalton, The Play Inspection Company, UK. Translation of the book and the training from Finnish to English begins!
  • 26th of February 2018: English book is ready from print. Already translations into Swedish, Germany, Chinese and Russian have been started!
  • 14th of January 2019: Safe to Play app is launched for beta testing.
  • 30th of April 2019: The first Safe to Play training in English was held in Riga, Latvia.
  • Starting from winter season 2019-2020, Safe to Play will have English trainings in Helsinki. See training calendar.

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