When you become a Safe to Play partner, you gain access to a large volume of material. Therefore we are careful to choose our partners.

Though the partnership takes efforts, it will be worth it.


As a S2P partner you will receive a good return for your efforts. However, costs will occur e.g. from organizing a training before your customers have paid you. Hence, you must have sufficient funds to start with (approximately 5 000 – 10 000€).


No matter how good the training is, there will only be a few students without proper marketing. Either you or your partner must have marketing resources.


Even though the training material is thorough, the one conducting the training must be an expert of your own country’s local conditions. If you don’t have expert of your own, contact one from your local pool of experts.

Part of S2P training to become a teacher is to attend to Safe to Play training.


S2P materials are provided in English. Unless not done already, some are mandatory and some optional to translate into your local language.

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