Adequate training is a prerequisite for certification. One possibility is to undergo the Safe to Play training, but any training deemed equivalent in content is accepted too.

Certification exam structure

S2P examination system


The entry requirement to Operate level certification is the one-day maintenance training. The exam is at the end of the day.

There are 16 yes/no questions in the Operate exam. The needed time to copmplete the exam is normally less than 10 minutes but it is not the limit. The exam with different questions can be repeated immediately in case the result is not accepted.

The acceptance limit is 80%.

Design, Manage, Project

The entry requirement to Design, Manage and Project certifications is to pass the Operate exam and to undergo

  • the three-day layout designer training for Design level.
  • the three-day manager training for Manage level.
  • the four-day project manager training for Project level.

The three part exam is at the end of the third or fourth day.

Part 1) Design, Manage, and Project exams begin with the public exam, which takes 11 minutes to complete.

Part 2) There is 30 minutes to complete the applicable written exam. There are questions with true/false answers.

  • An additional 10% of the time may be requested if the student has a reading disorder or if the test is taken in a language other than the mother tongue.

Part 3) In the remaining time, an essay will be written on the given subject, which, like the other questions in the exam, may be different for everyone. Points are given on basis of this:

  • Content is from the right topic + 1%
  • Content includes accurate information +1%
  • Content includes application to practice + 1%
  • Content includes own insights +1%
  • Text length is over 100 words +1%

An essay tha is less than 2 sentences long or is written in unclear handwriting or is almost directly copied from a book does not receive points.

The acceptance limit is 82%.

Inspect ★☆

The entry requirement for Inspect ★☆ certification is to pass the Project exam and to undergo the inspector training (Safe to Play training days 5-7).

The Inspect ★☆ exam time is 45 minutes. There are questions with true/false answers, and pictures requiring a risk assessment taught in training. In addition, a corrective measures are asked.

The acceptance limit is 74%.

Inspect ★★

The entry requirement to to tier 4 is a valid Inspect ★☆ certification and 10 annual or post-installation inspections done.

Inspect ★★ is a about 60 minute long practical examination during which practical ability to make inspections is demonstrated for the examiner:

  • Entrapments: Show how to test the entrapment of the head, neck, finger and clothing.
  • Finishing: Find and show in the equipment failures such as protrusions, splinters or sharp edges.
  • Structural strength: Evaluate equipment’s structural strength.
  • Extent and quality of safety area: Determine the equipment’s safety area and assess the adequacy of the impact attenuation.
  • Falling protection: Determine the adequacy of the level falling protection.
  • General safety of the area: Assess the risks of the layout design and the potential for improving the safety.
  • Area’s environment: Assess whether there are obvious risks in the surroundings of the area.
  • Risk Assessment: Carry out a risk assessment for the pointed hazards.

The practical examination shall be free from mistakes in the following critical areas:

  • Entrapments
  • Structural strength
  • Safety area

The exam is scored and the acceptance limit is 80%.


The entry requirements to the examiner training are

  • valid Inspect ★★ certification.
  • at least 100 annual inspections within the last 3 years or other equivalent competence.

Only a limited number of examiners are required. Open examiner positions will be notified to all Inspect** certified and a free-form application will be emailed to

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