Application for certification

The formal application for certification is made by providing the requested personal information at and by filling in the “I accept the terms, which refers to the S2P certification terms mentioned herein. The personal information given is stored in the Safe to Play Oy Personal Data Register (Privacy Policy) and published in parts on

  • Certification code, Name, email, employer

The certification test may be done at any registered exam organised for example in trainings of S2P partners.

S2P certification Terms


Each test is own exam and the entry fee applies to only one test regardless of the test result.  The training package includes one exam and the retest is subject to S2P exam fee.

Annual fees are invoiced at the turn of the year unless the certification has been terminated by notifying to by the end of November of the previous year.

Those certified to Design, Manage, Project and Inspect levels can activate Safe to Play app’s subscription from their profile. The price will be added to the annual certification fee unless the subscription is terminated by deactivating is by the end of November.

Applicant’s rights

The applicant is entitled

  • participate in examinations related to the level of certification.
  • be objectively assessed.

If the applicant fails the exam, he is entitled to

  • get advice on preparing for the retest.
  • take the retest as soon as it can be arranged.

The applicant has the right to cancel his / her application by notifying and get the payment refunded within the terms of sale.

The applicant declares not to copy the certification questions in any way or share information about them.

Certified Obligations

The certifier must be provided with up-to-date and actively used contact information at In particular, the employer information must be given and, if necessary, updated in order to get the invoice for the certification’s annual fee to the correct address and to avoid the Additional Billing Cost according to the Price list.

It is the responsibility of the certified person to register for and participate in the update trainings.

It is the responsibility of a certified person not to apply for certification or to discontinue it if it no longer meets the following requirements given in ISO / IEC 17024 clause 8.2:





Has taken the appropriate level of Safe to Play training and has done self-study tasks; or has taken other similar level training.




Sees and hears so that is able to learn, work with normal office programs and communicate as needed in the work.




Can be tactful and appropriate and can work with people of all kinds, regardless of religion, political preference or ethnic group.




Is not convicted from any violence related crime.  




The physical abilities are such that is able to move in the equipment.



If the appearance has strong and potentially negative aspects (e.g. piercing, tattoos) realizes that they may have to be covered when working in playgrounds.        


Obligations of the certifier

The certification body must maintain the value of the certification in a way that ensures the added value created for the certified in proving their professional qualifications.

The certifier must arrange the update trainings and notify them via email in good time.

The certifier must create certification logos and make them available to certified during the first month of each calendar year.

Last update: 2020.12.02