This page describes the steps of the S2P certification process. Some of the steps are described in more detail on other, linked pages.

Chart colors:

  • Blue: Procedure before certification
  • Green: Certification is active
  • Yellow: The certification is not active, but the S2P certification membership continues
  • Red: Certification has been cancelled

The formal application is mandatory and is made in the personal profile at First create an ID and then fill out the application.

In connection with the application, the applicant must accept the terms of S2P certification.

Meeting the entry requirements

The entry requirements for certification include sufficient training and a sufficient initial level of certification. For example, the entry requirement for the Operate level is the first day of the reference training, while the entry requirement for the Design level is, in addition to the valid Operate level certificate, days 2 and 3 of the reference training. Read more about the certification criteria.

  • Option 1: You can buy a package that includes training, materials and S2P certification exams.
  • Option 2: If you already have taken similar that is no more than 7 years old, you can sign in the exam. If necessary, we will contact you about training certificates or peer evaluation of the training you have taken.

Written exams: The written S2P certification exams (Operate, Design, Manage, Project and Inspect*) are done with the applicant’s own device in the applicant’s profile at The test is monitored in real time via video. Exams are organized in connection with trainings and also for recertification. Exam can be taken in any of them. Private supervision is also possible; in addition to the exam fee, an exam supervision fee will be charged.

Practical exams: The Inspect* level also includes making a sample inspection report. The Inspect** test is a practical examination in the field.

Read more about the S2P certification exam and certification criteria.

When all the exams for the certification level the applicant is aiming for or the recertification exam have been passed, the certification manager verifies that the certification criteria are met and that all the person’s information is recorded in the system. Once the certification decision is made, the certification is valid immediately.

When the certification is valid, the person can download the logo, certificate and training certificate from their own profile at Also the competence’s maintaining service that is included in the S2P certification can be used in full.

  • A) S2P certification logo
  • B) S2P certificate
  • C) Training certificate (This is not a S2P certificate, but it is shown here so as not to be confused with the actual S2P certificate.)

Increasing the certification level requires meeting the entry requirements of the desired level, completing the exams and a certification decision.

S2P certification is valid for 5 years from the last exam. The earliest time, when the recertification exam can be done is one year before the recertification date.

Successful completion of the recertification exam and subsequent recertification decision will extend the validity of the certification by 5 years from its original validity date.

If the recertification exam is not successfully completed by the deadline, a temporary cancellation will take effect. In this case, the S2P certification moves to the status “On hold” and the certificate is not valid.

However, during the temporary cancellation, the annual certification fee and the competence maintenance service will continue.

Cancellation due to own request: The certified person can cancel the S2P certification at the end of the year by setting a check mark in the profile to ‘Certification -> I would like to discontinue my certification by the end of 20xx’.

Please note, not paying the annual fee is not a cancellation. Once sent, the invoice shall be paid like any other invoice, unless there is an error in it.

Cancellation by S2P: S2P certification has the obligation to cancel the certificate e.g. if the person has provided misleading information in the application, fails to pay the invoice, does not meet the certification criteria or acts in a manner that violates the code of conduct. The steps required for activation after cancellation may include one or more of the following:

  • Payment of all invoices and office fees.
  • Remaking one or more exams.
  • Going through the training again.