Safe to Play company is expert on safety of playgrounds and recreational sports areas.

Safe to Play offers the whole ecosystem for safety management. Our customers are municipalities and companies offering safety services. We educate and certify experts. From our online shop can be found reliable sources of knowledge, test templates and management softwares.






Safe to Play Oy
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Safe to Play company’s personnel is skilled and committed to produce best service for our partners and customers.

Esa Junttila
Managing director
+358 40 5432 957

Esa is the main teacher in inspector trainings and his expertise as a safety expert is widely known across Europe and beyond.

Safe to Play Oy, Anne Junttila

Anne Junttila
Trainings, Customers
+358 40 717 9536

Anne coordinates trainings and she has worked with play- and sports areas her whole career.

S2P certification board

The board of S2P certification has committed in maintaining the certification system impartial and the whole process blameless from planning the exams to marking the papers.

Stategic decisions regarding development are made by this board with a wide view to operations ragarding safety of playgrounds and recreational sports areas. Operative certification decisions are carried out by certification manager.

Suvi Pasanen

Suvi Pasanen
Chair person

Suvi works for Yhteinen Toimialaliitto (YTL) as a standardization specialist and her perspective on the board is standardisation.

Esa Junttila

Esa is Safe to Play’s Managing director and his perspective in the board is development of trainings.

Safe to Play Oy, Anne Junttila

Anne Junttila
Certification manager

Anne is Safe to Play’s training coordinator and her task is making operative certification decision according to the S2P board’s direction.

Teemu Linna

Teemu works as a project manager at STARA, which provides e.g. maintenance services for the City of Helsinki. His perspective is construction and maintenance.

Jarkko Mattila

Jarkko works as an inspector for Tampereen Infra Oy, which provides inspection services to the city of Tampere, and his perspective is making of inspections.

Antti Jokelainen

Antti works as a product development manager at equipment manufacturer Lappset Group Oy, and his perspective is equipment of playgrounds and recreational sports areas.

S2P certification experts team

The members of this team are experienced persons working in different countries. Their task is to find out the obstacles to the expansion of S2P certification and to solve them. The group does not have decision-making power in the development of S2P certification but makes proposals to the S2P certification board.

S2P reference training development team

The members of this team are mainly existing and future S2P training partners who operate in different countries and offer Safe to Play trainings to their customers. The task of the group is to evaluate the content of the training and develop it.

S2P knowledgebase development team

The members of this team are experienced experts working in different countries, and who may also be S2P substance partners. The task of the group is to evaluate the content of the S2P knowledgebase, keep it up-to-date and to develop it.

“Our goal in Safe to Play is to create an ecosystem focused on the safety management of play, sports and other leisure areas, which includes in addition to staff training and competence e.g. sources of knowledge, inspector’s special tools and safety management software.”

Esa Junttila
Managing director