You can Safe to Play online trainings from the window below. Fill in with your personal information.


  • Your name = Your name and S2P certification code (E.g. Esa Junttila, INS 01 0062).
  • E-mail = Your e-mail address which is used to send potential shareables from the webinar.
  • Password = IF the password is required, you received it to the e-mail which you gave when signing in.

Do this during online training:

  • Use full screen mode. Clicking the circle in the top-right corner and select “Full screen”.
  • If you are in a room with interfering noise, use headphones.
  • Use freely the chat to comment or make questions.
  • Give anonymous feedback in the appearing window after the training.
  • In case of technical problems, call the teacher whose contacts you received before training.

Online trainings using mobile device

If you’re using a phone or tablet, attend the Safe to Play online trainings using the Apple or Android mobile app.

After installing the free program called ClickMeeting, open it and log in as a “Participant” and then enter the meeting ID: 859-958-178. Then enter your full name together with your S2P certification code and e-mail (password will not be required).

Safe to Play trainings

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