Here you will find the prices that are not available in the Safe to Play online store.

Certification annual fees

  • Operate: 0 €
  • Design, Manage, Project 99 €
    • Inscludes Safe to Play Encyclopedia
  • Inspect: 118 €
    • Includes Safe to Play Encyclopedia and Inspector + 10 personal area memory slots.

S2P exam fees

  • S2P Operate: 20 €
  • S2P Design, Manage, Project: 55 €
  • S2P Inspect*: 95 €, of which
    • written part: 55 €
    • checking sample report: 40 €
  • S2P Inspect**: 195 €
  • S2P recertification exam: 20 €
  • S2P exam’s online supervision: 40 €
    • When the exam is performed at a time other than the exam organized in connection with the training.


  • Per each beginning half an hour
  • First hour 195 € / hour
  • Continuation 105 € / hour

Office fees for S2P certified

  • Safety-related consulting for S2P certified by phone or e-mail.
  • Office fee e.g. for the following reasons: Late payment -> payment reminder or non-activation or activation of certification; new invoice due to incomplete invoicing information provided by the certified person, clarification of missing or outdated invoicing information e.g. on the website or by phone.
  • €80 / hour, billing per starting 15 min per session.


  • The license fee for using Safe to Play material for safety training of playgrounds and recreational sports areas is 12% of the value of the training calculated according to the price list. The use of non-licenced material in any extent is strictly prohibited and leads to a claim according to the price list plus time spent on communication according to the consultancy price list.
  • The inspection form produced by Safe to Play Oy is free of charge for certified inspectors. Other use of the form is 20 € per inspection site where it’s used. It is forbidden to copy the form in its essential parts.
  • Copying the written material for commercial use will be invoiced according to the number of pieces produced, as if the material had been purchased from the site.
  • Safe to Play Oy reserves all rights to the training materials, all written materials and all forms it produces.


  • All prices are VAT 0% unless otherwise stated. VAT is added to prices when international trade laws require it.