Here you will find the prices that are not available in the Safe to Play online store.

Certification annual fees

  • Operate: 20 € (included to the training package)
  • Design, Manage, Project 99 €
    • Includes Safe to Play Encyclopedia
  • Inspect: 118 €
    • Includes Safe to Play Encyclopedia and Inspector + 10 personal area memory slots.

The annual fee is billed annually, unless the certification has been terminated by the end of September and the grace year following the expiration of the certification continues to the next year. Support services such as the Encyclopedia and the discount on update trainings are always valid when the annual fee has been paid.

S2P examination fees

  • S2P Operate: 20 €
  • S2P Design, Manage, Project: 55 €
  • S2P Inspect*: 95 €, of which
    • written part: 55 €
    • checking sample report: 40 €
  • S2P Inspect**: 195 €
  • S2P recertification exam: 20 €
  • S2P non-regular online supervision: 40 €
    • Regular supervisions are those organised during trainings and publicly announced in training calendars.

Expert services

  • Safety consulting for playgrounds and sports areas
    • Charge per starting half hour
    • First hour 195 € / hour
    • Continuation 105 € / hour
  • Office work (e.g. Management regional data entry)
    • Charge per starting half hour
    • First hour 80 € / hour
    • Continuation 40 € / hour
  • Coding (e.g. Management customization)
    • Charge per starting hour
    • First hour 120 € / hour
    • Continuation 80 € / hour

Office fees for S2P certified

  • Safety-related consulting for S2P certified by phone or e-mail.
  • Office fee e.g. for the following reasons: Late payment -> payment reminder or non-activation or activation of certification; new invoice due to incomplete invoicing information provided by the certified person, clarification of missing or outdated invoicing information e.g. on the website or by phone.
    • 80 € / hour, billing per starting 15 min per session.

Safe to Play book mass production

  • Book editing: 1000 €
    • For earlier edited translation, the price will be proportion in relation to amount of work needed to make new edition.
  • Book printing license up-front 14 € / book
    • Licence sharing: S2P 10€, Translator 2€, Verifier 1€, Maintainer 1€.


  • The license fee for using Safe to Play material for safety training of playgrounds and recreational sports areas is % from the value of the training calculated according to this price list. The use of non-licenced material in any extent is strictly prohibited and leads to a claim according to the price list plus time spent on communication according to the consultancy price list.
    • Training partner when students join S2P certification: 12%.
    • Training partner when students do not join S2P certification: 20%.
    • Additional fee when another partner has exclusive contract: 10%.
  • The inspection form produced by Safe to Play Oy is free of charge for certified inspectors. Other use of the form is 20 € per inspection site where it’s used. It is forbidden to copy the form in its essential parts.
  • Copying the written material for commercial use will be invoiced according to the number of pieces produced, as if the material had been purchased from the site.

Safe to Play Oy reserves all rights to the training materials, all written materials and all forms it produces.


  • All prices are VAT 0% unless otherwise stated. VAT is added to prices when international trade laws require it.