Before the S2P certification exam, an application is filled out. Because the work is collaborative and around children, the person to be certified is required to be cooperative and of good repute. If it subsequently becomes apparent that the requirements were not met at the time of application or that the person was guilty of misconduct, the certification will be terminated immediately.

See the application

Examination structure

The examination system is progressive. Successful completion of the lower leves are required to enter the next.

Preparing for the exam

Certification is based on the content of the Safe to Play book; in essence a person who understands its content as applicable to the examination level is considered competent. Who has not taken Safe to Play training is encouraged to familiarize with the book and do self-study tasks.

Memorise the public questions! Failing in this part of the exam makes it difficult to pass the Design, Manage or Project level exams.

Making the exam

The exam can be taken in conjunction with the Safe to Play training or at a private exam session in Rovaniemi or Vantaa at your convenience (contact Training calendar

During the exam it is allowed to use textbook, self-study material and notes, even though there is no time to study during the exam – but it is possible to make a few quick checks. Design, Manage and Project exams include one-page public-test that has to be memorised but which can be viewed in advance.

What if I get rejected?

Being nervous, or simply the fact that there was so much going on in the training that it hadn’t been processed at the time of the exam, can lead to the test result being rejected. In fact, according to the accrediters, the pass threshold should be such that no more than 90% of those who take the exam pass it. The Certification board sets the passing limits.

Safe to Play commits to each who takes the certification exam and those who fail will be guided through self-study to ensure they have opportunity to pass the exam later.

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