All S2P certification levels are valid for 5 years from the completion of the latest exam. Passing the recertification exam will extend the validity for 5 years.

The online exam costs 20 €, but for the Design, Manage, Project, Inspect * and Inspect ** levels, the first exam is free.

The recertification test may be completed no earlier than 12 months before the end date. The 5 years will be added to the original validity of the certificate.

If a certified person does not complete the recertification test by the end date, the certification will be discontinued and the person’s name will be removed from the list of certified persons.

  • First year after the discontinuation is considered a “grace period” during which the certification can be renewed by passing a re-certification exam.
  • Continuing certification after the grace period requires completing of all certification exams.

What is a recertification test like?

The S2P Board outlined that the level of recertification exam will be little easier than the original exam. The exam includes yes/no questions according to persons certification level.

Note that the questions in the exam are based on up-to-date knowledge. Therefore, it is a good idea to review the material from the Safe to Play Encyclopedia app before the recertification exam.