Safe to Play shop offers products relating to safety or playgrounds and recreational sports areas but also for leisure areas in general. Vast majority of the company’s operations relate to product development resulting a product range with a high quality and unique products for competitive prices.


Certification is independent unit and is responsible for S2P knowledgebase, examination system and reference trainings.


Trainings are organised in various languages and in different locations around the world. Approach is practical and bases of risk assessment and standards.


Software development aims to compleve ecosystem with parts supporting each other: both reliable information and support ofr practival operations.


Safe to Play book has established its position as reliable textbook which supports other tools such as training, and handbooks for inspection.

Test equipment

Making insections requires some specific tools such as teplates and probes as well as impact attenuation testing machine.

“Safe to Play shop offers the whole ecosystem for safety of playgrounds and recreational sports areas. Products include development of competence in trainings and certification to maintain it. There area also needed practical tools: sources of knowledge, software and test equipment.”

Esa Junttila
Safe to Play Oy Managing director