The Safe to Play Inspector is a mobile software which streamlines and improves inspections of playgrounds and recreational sports areas.

Safe to Play Inspector

This multi-lingual mobile inspection application is extremely powerful tool designed for professional inspectors.

  • Use with phone or tablet (Android + Apple)
  • Creates area- and optionally also equipment registers.
  • Uses the mobile device’s camera; after croping the pictures are scaled and saved automatically.
  • Creates for each object an inspection guide which is tailored according to object’s properties.
  • An extensive library of inspection remarks.
  • Covers all inspection types: Visual, operational, annual and post installation.
  • Creates automatically an area report which complies with requirements given in inspector competence frameworks’ (TR 17207 and ISO 24665) and test house standard (ISO 17020).

The Inspector application is a standalone program that uses the Safe to Play Management’s database. Used together, the Inspector receives schedule for inspections, maintenance, and repairs and is a reporting tool.

The maintenance and inspection guide covers the playgrounds, recreational sports areas and beaches, which are arguably the most challenging areas to inspect. The guide is under active development.

Think: Safety inspection of playgrounds and recreational sports areas is a responsible task and uncertainty about correct execution can disturb even an experienced inspector. Also, making a report typcally takes an hour of work. Safe to Play Inspector makes sure nothing is forgotten and automatically generates comprehensive report!

The use of the application costs by the number of area memory slots. For example, 300 areas for 10 years is at a price of 51 cents per area per year!

Inspector or Management?

Safe to Play Inspector is without a doubt among the best inspection programs on the market. It improves the quality of inspection and the reliability of results, as well as saves time. However, you may be wondering what is a difference between Safe to Play Inspector and Safe to Play Management. For one, there is a significant price difference between the softwares. The following comparison will help to decide which is the best for you and for your company. You can also always contact us: +358 40 5432 957 or

Safe to PlayInspectorManagement
Tailored instruction guideYesYes
Automatic inspection reportYesYes
Inspection historyYesYes
Ownership of the dataPersonalCompany’s
Area managementIn mobile appFull functionality
Object managementIn mobile appFull functionality
Inspection, maintenance and repair task managementNoYes
Inspection remarks to repair tasksNoYes
Inspection and maintenance schedulesNoYes

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