Safe to Play trainings teach safety for persons who are responsible for safety of playgrounds and recreational sports areas. The development has considered real needs of persons working in this field while standards are one area that is included. Safe to Play trainings are holistic in their nature, high quality in their materials and technically accurate in their content.

Safe to Play trainings

The trainings’ source material is developed by ISO 17024 accredited S2P certification and it follows the international frameworks (TR 17207 and ISO 24665) for inspector competence.

Growing number of S2P training partners use several languages and offer localised trainings both online and in various locations around the world. The training calendar shows where is the one that suits you best.

Safe to Play trainings fulfil prerequisites for S2P certification and usually examinations are carried out in connection to trainings.

Trainings cover everything there is to know about safety in various professions such as maintenance, layout design, area management, project management and inspectors carrying out risk assessment based annual inspections.

  1. Maintenance training: Installing equipment, maintaining areas, and carrying out operational inspections
  2. Layout designer training: In addition to 1. designing layouts, leading installation teams and carrying out mid-installation surveys.
  3. Management training: In addition to 1. leading personnel, and managing safety and risks.
  4. Project manager training: In addition to 1. 2. and 3. managing construction projects, and selling and purchasing equipment.
  5. Annual inspector training: In addition to 1. 2. 3. and 4. carrying out annual main and post-installation inspections using risk assessment.

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Six good reasons to join Safe to Play training

1Training is easy to embrace.
The trainings approach safety from holistic and risk assessment perspectives; the standards are of course included, but overall understanding of safety is emphasized. Students learn rationales behind safety requirements. Main focus is not on reading and interpreting standards!

2Five different levels.
It is natural that each profession has different needs. Therefore Safe to Play trainings has five different options to choose from. Starting from one-day training for maintenance all the way to seven-day training for annual inspectors.

3Expand the level later.
It is common, that our needs change over time. In case of need for more extensive training, Safe to Play training system allows easy extension. For instance, if layout designer with three-day training wants to extend to project management, only one extra day is required!

4Extensive and high-quality.
Training system’s philosophy is to make as high quality training materials as humanly possible. In addition to on point photographs showing practical examples, also clear diagrams and visualisations are used to make trainings more enjoyable.

5Optional S2P certification.
Though Safe to Play trainings are independent from S2P certification, vast majority of students join S2P certification program which is impartial and legal way to proof persons competence. For employer the certificate is a way to affirm that the student paid full attention to the training.

6Exclusive update webinars.
S2P certification partners also provide online webinar exclusive to S2P certified. These are easy way to maintain competence as the requirements change overtime and new tools are made available.

Structure of trainings

Full Safe to Play training includes self-study and seven full days. Different training levels include 1, 3, 4 or all 7 of them. Each day has own unique theme:

  • 1st day: Maintenance
  • 2nd day: Standards
  • 3rd day: Layout designing
  • 4th day: Management
  • 5th day: Theory of risk assessment
  • 6th day: Practical risk assessment
  • 7th day: Making inspections
Welcome to safe to Play trainings!

In good time before the training begins, each student receives Safe to Play Encyclopedia and workbooks. These help students to start learning weeks before the training begins. Thanks to this, when the training begins, students do not so easily get overwhelmed by all the new knowledge. We guarantee, that in Safe to Play trainings, everybody will learn more!

Day 1Day 2Day 3Day 4Day 5Day 6Day 7
Maintenance training1
Manager training124
Layout designer training123
Project manager training1234
Annual inspector training1234567