Safe to Play manager training ensures and provides the competence required to affirm safety of playgrounds and recreational sports areas, setting up new projects, organizing inspections, and planning maintenance routines.

This training meets the prerequisites for the S2P Manage certification.

Manager training leads to S2P Manage certification.

This training includes the first two and the fourth days of the Safe to Play training scheme, plus self learning:

  • 1st day: Maintenance
  • 2nd day: Standards
  • 4th day: Management

This page is about training.Other Safe to Play trainings:

Choose the best training

Hard to figure out what’s the best option for you? Maybe this chart helps! As the Safe to Play trainings are designed to fulfil prerequisite requirements for each S2P certification level, the scopes of certification are fully applicable to trainings too!

Installing equipment, maintaining areas, and carrying out operational inspections.xxxxx
Designing layouts, leading installation teams and carrying out mid-installation
Leading personnel, and managing safety and
Managing construction projects, and selling and purchasing equipment.xx
Carrying out annual main and post-installation inspections using risk assessment.x