Safe to Play trained and S2P certified persons and the companies that employ them offer a wide range of different safety services. In the performance of these ensuring safety is an important quality factor.

On this page, you can find an expert for all kinds of works! S2P certification levels guarantee legally approved competence for different tasks.

Installing equipment, maintaining areas, carrying out operational inspectionsxxxxxx
Designing layouts, leading installation teams, carrying out midinstallation surveysxxxx
Leading personnel, managing safety and risksxxxx
Managing construction projects, selling and purchasing equipmentxxx
Carrying out annual main and postinstallation inspections using risk assessmentxx
Handling other safety related expert assignmentsx

Order inspection

S2P offers for all companies with S2P certified inspectors possibility to receive orders from area owners. As area owner, use this form to order inspection. The order will be forwarded to all those companies, that provide the inspeoction for your location(s). They will contact you. Price and terms are available in S2P shop.

Guide: 1) Mark the areas on the map (one or more), select the inspection type and the desired date. 2) Enter contact information. 3) Check and send the order. 4) When you will be contacted, make an agreement about the inspection.

Are you S2P certified, but your company does not appear here? Watch a short instructional video.

Safety services