Both certified persons and their employers have the right to use a certification logo in marketing materials and work documents. The table shows the services each company offers.

Safety related services

1-toiminnalliset-tarkastukset-ja-huoltoThe company offers operational inspections and maintenance. The work is attended by at least one certified person.
2-asennusThe company offers equipment installations. Installation work is attended by at least one certified person.
3-asennuksen-valvontaThe company provides mid-installation surveillance. Work is carried out by a certified person.
4-alueiden-suunnitteluThe company offers layout design of playgrounds and recreational sports areas. The plan is made or checked by a certified person.
5-isannointiThe company offers hosting. Safety related tasks are at least controlled by a certified person.
6-rakennusprojektitThe company offers project management of playground and sports area construction. The project manager is a certified person.
7-vuosi-ja-kayttoonottotarkastuksetThe company provides annual and post-installation inspections. The inspector is a certified person.
The task is performed by a non-certified person in the same company.
yhteistyokumppanin-kauttaThe service is provided through a partner company. The person carrying out the task is or isn’t certified.