Questions to your local trainers and certifiers

One customer had received information from a certifier operating in thier country which was (how to put it nicely…) not fully accurate or true. So, I replied them with these questions.

Maybe others, who are wondering right now if they should join Safe to Play training and get S2P certification or not, could make the same questions.

Or, maybe you already are S2P customer and want to affirm and concratulate yourself for your great choice!

Here they come: 

  • Safe to Play training is a full annual inspector training which includes all six areas of knowledge mentioned in TR 17207 and ISO 24665. Is this the case with your local training? Or, is it only operational inspector training?
  • S2P certification is ISO 17024 accredited certification body, which is officially and legally accepted in all European countries. Including your country and your accreditation office. Is your local certifier legally recognized by governmental accreditation office?
  • S2P certification’s annual fee is 85 €. How much is your local certifier’s annual fee for annual inspectors?
  • S2P certification comes with S2P Encyclopedia application for 14 € annual fee. This is accredited source of knowledge and is actively maintained to include all the latest requirements in 17 EN standards in the field of playgrounds and recreational sports areas. What kind of service does your local certifier and/or trainer provide?
  • S2P Inspect level certification comes with Safe to Play Inspector application for annual fee of 19 €. This not only guides through inspection, but also automatically generates inspection reports and stores data in secured server. Does your local certifier and/or trainer offer anything like this?
  • S2P certification offers free update webinars. For example, now in January there will be one that explains changes in EN 1176-10 standard. Does your local certifier and/or trainer offer something similar?
  • The scope of S2P certification includes not only EN 1176, but also recreational sports areas such as parkour, bouldering, football, skate, basketball and multi-sports. How wide is your local certifier’s and/or trainer’s scopes?

After impartial and unbiased consideration, you probably find out that S2P certification is the best choise!