Safe to Play Management, along with the Inspector app, will streamline and improve the inspection, maintenance and safety management for organisations who own and operate recreational areas.

This multi-lingual management system may be the biggest step forward in the management of safety in public recreational areas since the first publication of EN standards.

Familiarize yourself with the features and you will see why dare we say that!

Area register

Location is a natural starting point for the Safe to Play Management area register. The coordinate automatically comes from the map and the address helps to find the destination. This combination also helps to find a destinations in rural areas where addresses may not be given for recreational areas.

Safe to Play Management

In addition to play and sports areas, the areas include all outdoor areas that contain structures that need to be inspected from time to time and that are subject to maintenance and repairs.

You can also easily create your own data fields for areas, making it easy to categorize and search them.

Area management

All areas of the Safe to Play Management system are quickly scrollable.

Information relevant to safety is gathered in one clear view.

Safe to Play Management
Safe to Play Management

All photos taken in the area are in an easy-to-browse window that also shows the date the photo was taken.

A separate maintenance plan is set for each area, which can be optimized over the years.

Object management

Safe to Play Management

All images taken from the object are in an easy-to-browse window that also shows the date the image was taken.

Image history, basic infos and repair needs are in one view.

Repair need management

Safe to Play Management system’s repair need management is the result of careful planning. Whether the problem is a simple “broken and repair” or a set of measures requiring longer follow-up, life cycle, statuses, and dialogue make processing stress-free.

An unlimited number of images, perhaps even years of follow-up, will help you make the right decision in the end; be to repair or not.

Safe to Play Management

Objeck manager

The object manager in the Safe to Play Management system gives the manager a clear picture of the status of the all equipment.

Each object is also a link to information about both the object and the area.

Feature-based filtering quickly lists, for example, all hostile plants or slides.

Task list

The heart of operations is the task list, which automatically lists repair needs and tasks from area specific maintenance plans for all areas in chronological order.

Safe to Play Management

A task may be assigned to a specific person. If not, it will be visible to all employees who are entitled to that task; e.g., annual inspection or corrective action.

You can also assign a task to any expert from all Safe to Play Inspector users!

Repair need manager

For the manager, an overall view to all repair needs withtin all areas is extremely important. The repair need manager classifies repair needs by area, date, and status.

Repair need management could not be any simpler: Whenever the status is “Created”, the manager must decide on the next step.

Safe to Play Management

Work history

All maintenance performed under the Safe to Play Management system is recorded in the history.

There is no need for inspection reports in the management system, as all information is entered directly into the database at the time of the inspection in real time.

However, the inspection report can be generated with one click and we promise that the report is the most advanced.

Safe to Play Management

The use of the management system is paid for by the number of users and area memory slots. Make your own shopping cart in the S2P online shop and you will find that our price is extremely affordable!

Safe to Play Management home page is at The person data register is the same than for S2P certification at

Safe to Play Management

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Inspector or Management?

Safe to Play Inspector is without a doubt the best inspection program on the market. It improves the quality of inspection and the reliability of results, as well as saves time. However, you may be wondering which is the better solution: Inspector or Management.

Safe to PlayInspectorManagement
Tailored inspection guideYesYes
Automatic inspection reportYesYes
Inspection historyYesYes
Area data ownershipPersonalEnterprice
Area managementMobile appFull functionality
Object managerMobile appFull functionality
Task management and sharingNoYes
Repair needs into tasksNoYes
Maintenance planNoYes

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