Training seminars include everything there is to know about safety for layout designers, area managers, project managers and inspectors.

Note: Enable English sub-titles from YouTube settings (under cog-wheel icon at bottom-right).

  • Package that is easy to embrace
  • Five different levels to choose from to meet personal needs
  • Option to expand the level of expertise later
  • Extensive, high-quality in study materials
  • Option of certification

Safe to Play also provides annual online calibration trainings for all certified members.

Safe to Play training includes seven (7) days plus distance learning. Different levels combine them.

  • 1st day: Overview to whole area
  • 2nd day: Standards
  • 3rd day: Designing
  • 4th day: Governing
  • 5th day: Risk assessment (theory)
  • 6th day: Risk assessment (application)
  • 7th: day: Conducting of inspections
  • Distance learning: Text book + task booklet

Training’s structure

 Day 1Day 2Day 3Day 4Day 5Day 6Day 7
Inspect (partial)XXX
Inspect (full)XXXXXXX

Training program