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284 €Huolto: 30.6.2020
879 €Layout suunnittelu: 30.6.-2.7.2020
879 €Isännöinti: 30.6.-1.7. ja 3.7.2020
1 099 €Peruskoulutus: 30.6.-3.7.2020
1 299 €Tarkastaja (täydennys): 6.-8.7.2020
2 199 €Tarkastaja: 30.6.-3.7. ja 6.-8.7.2020
Vantaa, Finland
Training location
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Due to Corona outbreak and travel restrictions, this training will be postponed to later time which will be decided when the situation is clarified. It is possible to sign-in wilthout binding commitment to attend.
879 €Layout designer: 12.-14.5.2020
1 099 €Project manager: 12.-15.5.2020
2 199 €Annual inspector: 12.-15.5. and 18.-20.5.2020
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Ei tällä hetkellä kalenterissa.
Not scheduled at this point of time.

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