ASTM F1487 covers playground equipment

ASTM F1487 standard includes requirements for playground equipment and surfacing.

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ASTM F1487 standard is explained in Safe to Play Encyclopedia app

The standard addresses the listed things.

ASTM F1487 Playground equipment

ASTM F1487 standard

Definitions are given for the following technical terms: Accessible, accessible playground, accessible route, adjacent platforms, climbing net structure, completely bounded opening, component, composite play structure, crush and shear point, designated play surface, embankment slide, enclosed swing seat, entanglement, entrapment, fall height, flexible component, functionally linked play structure, guardrail, handrail, head injury criteria (HIC), maximum user, minimum user, partially bounded opening, platform, play structure, preventive maintenance, professional judgment, projection, protective barrier, protective surfacing, protrusion, public use playground equipment, rocking/springing equipment, rung, sharp edge, sharp point, signal word, small part, stability, stair, stationary equipment, step, stepping forms, swing, swing bay, track rides, transfer point, trip hazard, upper body equipment, use zone, warning.

Safety requirements are given for the following: Materials, manufacture, age group, entrapment, sharp points, sharp edges, protrusions, projections, entanglement, crush and shear points, suspended hazards, access / egress, ramps, spiral stairways, climbers, transition from access to platform, platforms, landings, walkways, ramps, guardrails, barriers, adjacent platforms, balance beams, climbers, 3-dimensional climbing net, upper body equipment, hanging rings, sliding poles, slides, swings, seat impact attenuation, gates, carousels, roller slides, seesaws, spring rocking equipment, track rides, roofs, stepping forms,  playground layout, safety areas, accessibility, installation, structural integrity, maintenance, signs, labels, manufacturer identification.

Keywords: Consumer safety, playground equipment, public use.

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ASTM F1487 standard is explained in Safe to Play Encyclopedia app