Standards are the foundation of safety management and a mandatory link between real world and legislation. Find here introductios to those dealing with safety of playgrounds and recreational sports areas.

While idea of having a standard that determines what is safe and what is not, the reality is different. Standards are problematic in some ways:

  • They are not mandatory to be followed.
  • Compliant product may be unsafe.
  • Non-compliant product may be safe.
  • All features in equipment are not covered.
  • They do not deal with operation and service.
  • They rarely refer to risk assessment.
  • Safety rarely is a question of millimetres.

One source of these problems is the nature of all standards: They seek to minimise the number of product variants. On recreational areas, however, maximal number fo product variants is desired.

Regardless to all these challenges, the standards do serve their purpose and also Safe to Play uses them in all operations. When coupled with risk assessment, standards are very useful!