EN 1177 covers HIC test

EN 1177 standard includes test method for playground and recreational sports area safety surfaces, and it is often referred to as HIC test (Head Injury Criterion).

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EN 1177 standard is explained in Safe to Play Encyclopedia app

EN 1177 Testing of impact attenuation

EN 1177 standard

Definitions are given for the following technical terms: Impact attenuation, Impact attenuating surfacing (IAS), critical fall height, head injury criterion (HIC), peak acceleration, impact measurement, test position, drop height, drop test, loose particulate material, impact area, test zone.

Safety requirements are given for the following: Components of the apparatus, head form, signal processor, guidance system, fall height measuring, impact measuring equipment, program for calculating HIC value, calibration, checks by operators, testing procedure, calculation of HIC, selection of drop heights and impact data, testing in the laboratory, testing particulate material, testing tiles, testing on site, method 1 – determination of critical fall height (CFH), method 2 – Determination of adequacy of impact attenuation, reports, shape of acceleration curve, test positions for method 2.

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EN 1177 standard is explained in Safe to Play Encyclopedia app