EN 14974 standard covers safety of skate parks

EN 14974 standard includes requirements for skate obstacles.

Where can I download EN 1176 pdf? The standard is subject to copyrights and its distribution peer-to-peer is illegal. Standards can be purchased from national standardisation bodies’ shops, and they typically cost 100 – 300 € each.

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EN 14974 standard is explained in Safe to Play Encyclopedia app

The standard addresses the listed things.

EN 14974 Skate parks

EN 14974 standard covers safety of skate parks

Definitions are given for the following technical terms: Skatepark, skate element (obstacle), cluster, rolling surface, transition, bank, flat, grinding surface, extension, vert, coping, pool coping, safety zone, free-fall height, platform, table, foot plate, barrier, competent person, gap, curb / ledge, rail, bowl, wallride, mini ramp, vert ramp (half-pipe), roll-in.

Safety requirements are given for the following: Materials, fastenings, siting, emergency route, rounding, angles, free-fall height, extensions, lateral openings, minimum thickness, corners, structural integrity, stability, foundations, drainage, rolling surface, grinding surface, barriers, copings, rail, platform, table, wallride, mini ramp, vert ramp, bowl, safety zone, supervision, testing, marking, information supplied by the manufacturer, information for users.

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EN 14974 standard is explained in Safe to Play Encyclopedia app