Safe to Play Oy is looking for translators

Safe to Play Oy is looking for translators for our text book about safety of playgrounds and recreational sports areas.

Source language is English and destination languages are:

  • Arabic / ARA
  • Chinese / CHI
  • French / FRA
  • German / GER
  • Portuguese / POR
  • Russian / RUS
  • Spanish / SPA

The work is extensive; word count of English words is ~114 000! These are sample paragraphs:

“Playing is more than just a way to pass the time; it is part of a child’s ongoing development, offering the opportunity for children to become aware of their own abilities and develop them. This development process begins at birth and continues into early adulthood and has predictable stages; the duration of these stages can vary between individuals.”

”The length of a swing suspension member is measured as the vertical distance from the seat surface to the bearing axis or pivot; though this is often referred to as the chain length, it is not the same. For example, the chain can be considerably shorter with a cradle seat or longer with a basket seat.”

“It is probably possible to kick a ball over any reasonably high ball stop screen; this should be considered when siting the arena and other structures. For instance, a ball falling from twenty metres has a significant impact force that could damage cars or cause a person to fall. However, the greatest energy is in a powerful kick with a relatively low trajectory. These high-risk stray balls are stopped reasonably reliably on a 4 – 6 metre high screen.”

”RAPEX is a Commission decision published in the Official Journal of the European Union of 26 January 2010, which sets out the Community Rapid Information Exchange System (RAPEX) and the management of the notification procedure. The document is 68 pages long: one half deals mainly with the activities of the authorities, whilst the other half provides guidelines for the general risk assessment of consumer goods; in this chapter these guidelines have been applied to recreational areas.”

Further material to get to see the work is here:

Payment (either as salary or as payment to your company) is done as the work progresses.

  • 1/4 done -> 20 %
  • 2/4 done -> 20 %
  • 3/4 done -> 20 %
  • 4/4 done -> 20 % + 20 %*

* Final payment of 20 % is considered bonus which is paid when the work is completed within deadline.

Work can be started once the work contract is written. Deadline for completion is 31st July 2018.

Work applications / offers to by 18th March 2018.