The following points cover proper use of Safe to Play app. The Licence agreement grants permission to use Safe to Play app under defined conditions which shall be agreed under copyright laws. By installing and using this app the user indicates accepting all terms written hereafter.

Violating these terms may lead to suspending user’s account and/or losing purchased reading time and/or legal activities.

Terms of use and License agreement

Information provided in the app is fully owned by Safe to Play Oy (Registered in Finland with business ID 2665051-1) and this ownership does not transfer for user of the app at any point. User of the app has permission to use the information (texts, pictures, diagrams, animations etc.) inside the app and for the duration of the license.

Use of pictures for training purposes is prohibited without educational license and Safe to Play partnership.

Texts and even pictures may be used (e.g. by using export feature) when their use supports other activity such as communication between colleagues or experts. However, copying texts and pictures in large quantities and delivering them outside the program for other people is prohibited.

Without puchased licence, most of the content is locked. Free content includes non-locked parts of the content, personal notes, feedback system and results of the searches.

User gets reading time either by purchasing reading time through user interface or by applying a code which grants reading time.

Maximum of two devices, both for personal use for the same user, can be connected to one license at the time.

Reading time will not be returned. Purchased and delivered reading time codes are on buyers responsibility.

Collecting user data

Safe to Play app requires registration. Information such as e-mail and preferred language will be used to communication (e.g. in feedback system) and developing the Safe to Play app.

Personal notes stored to the server are not decrypted and occasionally they may be viewed by system developers. However systematic study or user profiling will not be done.


All efforts have been done to make sure that the information provided is reliable. Any human errors will be corrected without delay. Any updates to the standards will be implemented before the publication of the standards.

Safe to Play app should be used only to understand safety behind European standards listed in the section Normative References. Experts shall base their interpretations to the source standards rather than to the texts of Safe to Play app.

All experts on safety of playgrounds and recreational sports areas are encouraged to purchase standards for themselves.