The application is available as beta phase for Android tablets and telephones. It can be installed from GooglePlay-shop or from

Installation 2
Installation 1

Book’s files are downloaded after installation. Files are about 0,5 Gt so it is a good idea to be connected to wifi.

Later when contents are updated, only those unique files that are changed will be reloaded which makes updates very fast.


User account is registered at with user name and e-mail. Password for future logging in is sent to the given e-mail.

Registering 1

Reading time

Reading time grants access to all contents. There are two principal ways to get reading time:

  1. Buying from user account page with credit card.
  2. Inserting reading time code which was e.g. purchased from Safe to Play -shop.
Reading time 4
Reading time 3
Reading time 2
Reading time 1

Reading time can be “unredeemed” which means it’s not attached to any device. Once you sign in with a new device, it is connected to your user account. Any floating reading time can then be connected to this device.

Connected reading time can be released from one device and connected to another. Releasing and connecting can be easily done from user account page at any time.


Menu at top-left corner gives access to main features: Home, Book, Notes, Feedback and Settings.


Homepage is downloaded when the application is turned on. It contains helpful timely information.

Note The app works without internet connection, but the connection is needed e.g. checking for updates and synchronizing notes.


Book has the same structure than the real Safe to Play -book. If there is any difference, the app is more reliable since it is automatically always up to date. : )

Content of the book is updated (if needed) each time you open the book.

You can expand the whole table of contents where the chapter specific colour gets lighter as you go deeper into the sturcture.

Once inside the book, you can swipe to side to get to the next sub-chapter.


Notes are created inside the book. Select paragraph and choose “add note”.

Notes are automatically saved to server and they are synchronized between different devices that are connected to the same account.

Note is always a also link to the paragraph where it was created. Choose the note and select “go to paragraph”.

Notes can be accessed in their own view through main menu. There notes can be reordered, marked with colour and modified.


Bookmarks are quick links to any paragraph in the book.

Bookmarks are automatically saved to server and they are synchronized between different devices that are connected to the same account.


If you find a mistake in the content, select the paragraph and choose “feedback”. This opens a new window where feedback can be given. If you give your e-mail address, we can be directly in contact to you. Without e-mail the feedback is anonymous.

Sharing content

Select paragraph or picture and choose “share”. This allows selecting other program (WhatsApp, FaceBook etc.) where the content will be shared.


Search works as any search. Insert the searched word and the result shows the most relevant paragraphs at the top of the list.


Settings menu allows exporting manually a backup file with all your personal notes and to save it to the location you choose (e.g. DropBox).

Notes that are Imported from the backup file are considered “new”. Therefore they replace any previously made notes that are connected to same paragraphs.