Safe to Play is a generous partner whose ideology is to keep partners happy and to compensate those who contribute. Following are starting points which can be altered depending on partner’s potential volume.

  • Distribution partnership:
    • Safe to Play books, licenses, trainings etc. are sold for distributors 20 – 60% discount in addition to volume discounts.
  • Substance partnership:
    • Safe to Play app: 30% from income is shared for translators, verifiers and maintainers.
    • Each printed copy is compensated to translator, verifier and maintainer.
  • Training partnership:
    • Training licence is 12% or 20% from training income when calculated with reference prices.
    • Training materials (e.g. textbook and test equipment) will be sold with -50%.
  • Certification partnership:
    • Partner is allowed to add own price on top of examination prices and S2P’s annual fees. if not, partner will get 20 – 50 % discount.

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