Update webinar is a free privilege for certified persons but also a mandatory duty which is part of continuous management of their competence.


  • Ei mahdollinen (“Not possible”) means that persons who are certified to this level cannot participate.
  • Avoin (“Open”) means that persons who are certified to this level may participate but it’s not mandatory.
  • Pakollinen (“Mandatory”) means that persons who are certified to this level must participate in order to keep their certification for the following year.
TASO 1AvoinAvoinAvoinAvoinAvoin
TASO 2Ei mahdollinenPakollinenPakollinenPakollinenPakollinen
TASO 3Ei mahdollinenAvoinAvoinAvoinPakollinen

Winter season 2021 – 2022 update webinars

LEVEL 1, 45 min

  • Review of safety requirements.
  • Finding information in the Safe to Play app.

LEVEL 2, 90 min

  • Official EN 1176 interpretations.
  • Meaning of S2P certification’s accreditation.

LEVEL 3, 90 min

  • Inspection routines.
  • Risk assessment practices.


Instruction for participation is here.

Dates of update webinars in autumn-winter 2021 are:

  • Finnish: 15.10. | 8.11. | 10.11. | 29.11.
  • English: 14.10.
  • Latvian: 28.10.

Register by checking the needed levels in the form below. Pay attention to the following:

  • The e-mail you enter will only receive a registration confirmation message.
  • As the limits of 50 participants are reached, options are removed. In case your choice is full, the reservation will be done to the nearest available option and we will inform this to you by e-mail.
  • You can change your reservation by sending email to sales@s2p.fi.