Update webinar is a free privilege for certified persons but also a mandatory duty which is part of continuous management of their competence.


  • Ei mahdollinen (“Not possible”) means that persons who are ccertified to this level cannot participate.
  • Avoin (“Open”) means that persons who are certified to this level may partifipate but it’s not mandatory.
  • Pakollinen (“Mandatory”) means that persons who are certified to this level must participate in order to keep their certification for the following year.
TASO 1AvoinAvoinAvoinAvoinAvoin
TASO 2Ei mahdollinenPakollinenPakollinenPakollinenPakollinen
TASO 3Ei mahdollinenAvoinAvoinAvoinPakollinen

Winter season 2019 – 2020 update webinars

LEVEL 1, 45 min

  • Review of main safety requirements.

LEVEL 2, 90 min

  • How to use user.s2p.fi -site.
  • Finding answers from Safe to Play -app.
  • Updated standards:
    • EN 1176-5
    • EN 14974

LEVEL 3, 90 min

  • Assessing of benefits.
  • Making Risk assessment in practical work:
    • Making intuitive risk assessment in the field in connection to using of matrix.
    • Making risk assessment for a recreational area’s plan.


Calendar here.

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Participation guide here.