The possibility to provide feedback on the work of certified persons, the S2P certification service or the activities of the S2P certification organization is part of the certification system according to ISO 17024 and TR 17207.

Let us know your feedback by email. If the feedback concerns a plan or inspection report, attach that document. If the feedback is off-topic, we will not resent it, but we will thank for it as it helps to constantly improve our operations.

All accepted feedback will be handled by the S2P certification board. Feedback can lead to various actions, such as addressing the issue in a training, a note to the person in question, or even a change in the certification criteria.

Please note the following before sending feedback:

  • Your contact information will be saved on the feedback form.
  • Your identity will not be passed on to the subject of the feedback.
  • Anonymous feedback will not be processed.

Send feedback by email to