The development of a ISO 17024 accredited certification such as S2P, is long-term process and requires cooperation between different parties.

Changing patterns of co-operation is part of the process. The parties are allowed to bring their input into system and leave once the interest is fulfilled. Consequently, the certification logo has also changed over time, reflecting the cooperation at each period.

During years 2014 – 2015 the certification system was developed and the certification was available in connection to Safe to Play trainings from the beginning of 2015.
During summer 2015 a three year long cooperation was initiated with The Finnish Association of Landscape Industries (VYL). Intention was to develop certification for Designers, Managers, Project managers and Inspectors of playgrounds and recreational sports areas.
VYL redesigned the certification mark.
From the begining of 2018 Safe to Play initiated cooperation with Register of Play inspectors Internationalin (RPII). This statement was published: Safe to Play Oy and RPII (Register of Play Inspector International) have initiated co-operation with intention to develop qualifications for different roles in the play Industry.
On April 18, 2019, the S2P certification board decided to continue certification development independenlty. The following guiding principles were adopted: International availability, value for certified and use of modern technology.
S2P certification's accreditation logoISO 17024 accreditation process with Finnish Government’s office FINAS initiated in 2020 and was completed in 25th January 2022.
Safe to Play Encyclopedia app was recognised by FINAS as accredited source of knowledge in 5th of May 2022. The app is multilingual and supports localisations.
Safe to Play Inspector app was published in early summer 2022 and immediately adopted as an official learning tool to allow self-learning from Inspect* level to Inspect** level.
On November 9, 2022, an S2P certification expert group was formed, whose task is to find out the obstacles to the expansion of S2P certification and to solve them. The group makes proposals to the S2P certification board.

Development of certification in the future

S2P cerfitication board is active and has a clear vision to develop the S2P certification into global operator. This will include more S2P partners operating in new countries and spaking new languages, more certified persons and more value for the S2P certified persons and thier employers.